Friday, February 21, 2014

Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Sammy

Sammy is a teenager, she has a lot of problem in her live era. One disgust me is her long nose hair, make me want to pull it every time I saw the things.

I told her few times about that case, but she doesn't care. I said that was disgusting and I hate it. I also told her that she need to cut it, but the nostril hair still there and she really pinch it out.

Next monday is Sammy birthday. He want a dumbbell. But I have a perfect gift for her. A best nose hair trimmer is great for her birthday present cara membuat twitter.

I pack it on a box with gift wrap on it. Oh ya, inside the box I also add android phones like she always wanted, with few videos about nasal beauty embedded. I hope she like it and can't wait for her response.