Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My New Headphones

I bought new headphones at amazon few weeks ago. And today, postman come home to deliver the package. Horrray..

It's real late & delay, because I am live at Indonesia and shipping from United States to my address is about 2-3 weeks, and held by customs before they're send it to us.

I bought mojo wireless headphones for tv. This is a cordless type, and have standard battery that can recharge with docker or direct connection with the device.

I got this with amazing low price. At the first sight I am worried about the sound quality likes cheap items from china, terrible bass and bad treble make our ear in pain. And of course I am worried about material they're used too, some cheap plastic is never recommended because they are make my skin irritate, not durable and easy to get broken.

The I compared with sennheisser, or dre like western young guy's favorites brand. But after read reviews and more info they're not really recommended like some people said their price too high, you can get same quality with lower price or overrated by teenager and etc.. etc..

But I know they're great product too just a little bit expensive if compared apples to apples with mojo. That's why I  bought it.