Monday, June 17, 2013

Study Tour - Visit Shredding Company

Last Week, we all (teacher with students too) visit the shredding company located at southern from our school. We got an invitation from after Magna submitted the application for elementary school study tour to the company last month.

Our students really excited because they know and watching live the process to remove secured documents and paper that not all people can see directly. We are also guided by their Public Relation officer and also security guards to make sure we just watch it in reasonable distance, because you know, what they do is destroy the security documents that we are not allowed to see, read or watch.

In this study tour we all learn how to remove them in secure and also green. But we can't touch the document, they give us a space in control room to watch the industrial type document shredding service. That is paper like a mountain added to machine and make it thousand piece, they said the paper will be recycled and become another blank paper that we can use again. After recycling process at paper mill

We love the study tour.

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